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Pay only for results

Cost-per-click is $1 USD. Pay only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed. Our click measuring system ensures that you are billed only for unique clicks and not charged multiple times when a user clicks on the same ad multiple times.

Set your budget

The amount you spend advertising on the Gordon's Travel Guide network is up to you. There is no advertising contract or annual term. Just set your monthly budget and go!

No bidding required

Cost-per-click is $1 USD. There are no keywords or bids to manage. Pay only if someone clicks your ad! Your ads show up for as long as your budget is not exhausted.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go with a credit card on file that automatically gets charged every 15-days for clicks that occur since the last billing cycle.

Pay as low as $0.70 per click

Cost-per-click is $1 USD when you pay as you go. However, you can drop your cost-per-click to as low as $0.70 per click by purchasing pre-paid clicks in bulk.

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