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Enhanced trip listing

Your ad is displayed in summarized form within our search results and includes a photo (optional), and has the necessary information for site users to make an informed decision (namely title, duration, location, price) to click-through to your website at this point or to click on the expanded trip listing to learn more before deciding to visit your website.

Expanded trip listing

Site users have the option of clicking into your expanded trip listing to learn more before deciding to click-through to your website and costing you the $1 for the click.

The expanded trip listing contains a detailed description of the trip, itinerary, and what's included to produce well informed site users, which will in turn translate to web visitors to your website that are more likely to do business with you.

Expanded destination search

In addition to our category pages, to ensure maximum exposure for your ads, your ad also appears in destination pages based on the itinerary of the trip. This allows site users to search for trips by countries, states/provinces, cities, towns, wilderness areas, rivers, lakes, or specific local areas within a region.

Travel bargains

Each category features a Bargains section to highlight trips that are on sale within the category. Any ad may be made into a travel bargain with just a click of a button.

AdventureBargains newsletter

Our newsletter goes out via email twice a month to a list of 270,000 subscribers. A web version is also made available at Every 2 weeks we feature up to 9 travel bargains from our inventory. Inclusion is free and the selection is hand-picked by our editorial staff.

International rates

Advertised rates are not limited to US dollars. Each trip advertised may be displayed with rates in your native currency.

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