Realm of the Polar Bear Adventure Cruise


Realm of the Polar Bear Adventure Cruise



6 months ago


8 Days


June, July, August


USD 4,399.00 per person


Dec 31, 2019
Realm of the Polar Bear Adventure Cruise
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During this 8- to 11-day Realm of the Polar Bear cruise, experience an Arctic expedition to the remote island of Spitsbergen and into the land of the polar bear. High in the Arctic, Spitsbergen is an island within the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago that is ensnared in ice during much of the year. However, as summer approaches, the ice gives way to scenic fjords and stunning scenery frequented by the world's largest land carnivore - the polar bear!

Birders and nature enthusiasts will enjoy what seems like endless hours of wildlife spotting opportunities, while history buffs will be intrigued by the numerous research bases and the history of the island's capital, Longyearbyen.

Above the Arctic Circle, these cruises are pure expeditions, where weather and wildlife dictate the route for the coming day. With the possibility of circumnavigating Spitsbergen and reaching 80 degrees north latitude, you'll experience parts of the world seen by only a select group of people.


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Rates vary by season and cabin starting at $4399 per person. Please see website for full details on rates.


Day 1: Embark Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
Longyearbyen, Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands
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Longyearbyen is located at 78°13'N 15°33'E, on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Enjoy this very friendly and international atmosphere as you get ready to embark in the late afternoon on your exciting Arctic expedition to Svalbard's largest island, Spitsbergen.


MEALS: dinner

Days 2-7: Svalbard Archipelago / Spitsbergen
Spitsbergen, Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands
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This voyage is spent travelling in the world in which the polar bear survives. Your wildlife viewing opportunities are enhanced by exploring as many remote areas as possible, with a flexible itinerary to allow for spontaneous exploration. Spotting wildlife like the arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer and land or sea birds can be difficult, but well worth the effort. Ice and weather conditions permitting, explore near sea ice, through fjords that lead to glaciers and icebergs, and discover bird nesting colonies, all from the platform of the ship. Alternatively, hop in a zodiac to explore more closely, or be brought to land to visit historical sites and experience the tundra. Your expedition guides are always on the lookout for wildlife, ranging from endangered and rare polar species to sea mammals and birds. And, of course, everyone's eyes remain peeled for polar bears - they can be found all throughout this region, but finding them can require patience and persistence. Join in the search!

Early-season voyages often provide the greatest opportunity to see large ice floes in the Arctic pack ice, which usually means excellent wildlife viewing. Later in the season, the group can cover more territory, which may allow the chance to explore the entire archipelago. This can lead into the less explored regions of Nordaustlandet and Kvitøya, or the continental edges where large whales are attracted by nutrient rich upwellings.

Each day is planned to take advantage of local ice and weather conditions. Distances are relatively short in the archipelago, and as there are no ocean crossings the seas are normally calm. During these six days visit ice covered seas, fjords with breathtaking mountain scenery and glaciers flowing into the sea.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8: Disembark Longyearbyen
Longyearbyen, Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands
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On the departure day, there will be transfers available to the Longyearbyen airport for all passengers with flights scheduled or to a centrally located hotel.


MEALS: breakfast


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  • 7 nights aboard the M/S Expedition
  • All meals on board
  • Zodiac excursions with our expert expedition team
  • Lecture and educational programs
  • Longyearbyen airport transfers depending on your flight details
  • Insulated, waterproof boots supplied for USA sizes 6-16
  • Exclusive MS Expedition Parka
  • Select departures feature a German language program to include 2 German-speaking expedition staff to provide educational content in German; contact AdventureSmith for more details.


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Alternative Itinerary: In addition to the main 8-day itinerary listed above, there is also a longer 11-day Realm of the Polar Bear In Depth route.

Itinerary Notes: Read this itinerary as a guide only; the exact route and program varies according to ice and weather conditions - and the wildlife encountered. Flexibility is the key to the success of any Arctic expedition. Visits to research stations depend on final permission.

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