Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness Adventure Cruise


Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness Adventure Cruise



11 months ago


8 Days




USD 5,990.00 per person


Dec 31, 2019
Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness Adventure Cruise
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On this 8-day Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness itinerary in Southeast Alaska, wake to the cry of a soaring eagle, watch tons of ice thunder from the face of a glacier, walk in a spruce forest and observe lunge-feeding whales while cruising in complete comfort aboard a nimble expedition ship. This land of fjords and islands is teeming with wildlife. Alongside naturalist guides, walk forest trails to cascading waterfalls, enjoy opportunities for birdwatching and identifying wildflowers. Take Zodiac and kayaking forays and learn about Alaska’s rich Native American heritage. A full day is spent in Glacier Bay National Park. An optional pre- or post-cruise land extension visits Denali National Park.

Travel aboard the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Lion, or the 100-passenger National Geographic Quest or National Geographic Venture. These purpose built small ships are ideal for exploring Southeast Alaska's famed Inside Passage. Appreciate the onboard expedition technology, including a hydrophone, splash-cam, underwater video camera and video microscope.

Along this journey, whale blows and tail slaps burst from calm waters and tons of ice calve from glaciers, falling hundreds of feet to explode into the ocean. Explore with the benefit of dedicated and experienced guides, including onboard naturalists who ensure varied perspectives. Special permits to remote areas and decades of experience, plus a commitment to spontaneity and flexibility ensure this trip is a fulfilling Alaska expedition.


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Rates vary by season and cabin starting at $5990 per person. Please see website for full details on rates.


Day 1: Embark Juneau, Alaska
Juneau, Alaska, United States
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Fly from Seattle to Juneau in the early afternoon. Before embarking the ship, stop by the Alaska State Museum and visit the Mendenhall Glacier with your naturalists - an excellent introduction to the expedition staff and Alaska's natural history and indigenous culture. Embark the ship and settle into your cabin before dinner. Later, explore the port of Juneau on your own.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: dinner

Day 2: Tracy Arm & Ford's Terror Wilderness
Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, United States
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Voyage into Tracy or Endicott Arm, both spectacular fjords, with waterfalls cascading from glacially-carved walls. Pass the Sawyer Glacier, which has been described as bluer than any blue on earth, or the towering Dawes Glacier. Then, conditions permitting, take a Zodiac cruise for an unbeatable view of the glacier. Keep an eye our for harbor seals and porpoises, Arctic terns and Bonaparte gulls.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3: Petersburg
Petersburg, Alaska, United States
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Humpback whales blowing their spouts in the morning light are often spotted as your ship heads toward the small, authentic Alaskan town of Petersburg on Mitkof Island. Explore a unique Southeast Alaskan ecosystem, the "muskeg," with stunted trees and carnivorous plants. There is an opportunity for optional flightseeing or bike riding (added cost). Take note as you explore the town of the traditional floral painting called rosemaling that decorates the tidy homes and store fronts. Enjoy a Dungeness crab feast this evening.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4: Frederick Sound & Chatham Strait
Frederick Sound, Alaska, United States
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These waters are prime areas for both killer whales and humpback whales. It's not uncommon to observe their fascinating behavior — breaching, tail-slapping and variations on feeding — as you and your newfound friends fill the deck and listen to the play-by-play from National Geographic expert naturalists. It is also fertile ground for the majestic bald eagle, which you may see keeping watch atop a tall spruce. Explore spectacular bays and inlets, following bear trails and salmon streams. Once ashore, walk along a quiet forest trail. The still waters here are excellent for kayaking, offering another option for up-close exploration.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: Icy Strait & The Inian Islands
Icy Strait, Alaska, United States
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Hike and kayak among the Inian Islands, where an abundance of Steller sea lions and sea otters reside. Search for whales in the rich waters of Icy Strait and, conditions permitting, lower the ship’s hydrophone to listen in on the whales’ communication.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6: Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, United States
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Spend the entire day amidst the coves, fjords, tidewater glaciers, freshwater lakes and majestic mountains of Glacier Bay National Park — one of the best places on earth to observe the ebb and flow of glaciers. Here, accompanied by a National Park ranger who gives us up-to-the-minute information about this ever-changing environment, you’ll see glaciers that end abruptly at the water’s edge and observe them “calving” — tons of ice crashing into the sea — accompanied by an exhilarating thunderous sound. Mountain goats scaling the peaks, harbor seals, Steller sea lions and clumsy yet graceful puffins are some of the creatures you may observe in these icy waters. These sea lions are a threatened species — although the population in Southeast Alaska is still robust, elsewhere in Alaska their population has declined almost 80% in the last 30 years. A visit to Tidal Inlet may bring the sight of brown bears lumbering up the hillside. A native Tlingit interpreter joins the onboard crew to share the legend of the area.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Southeast Alaska's Islands Bays And Fjords
Admiralty Island, Alaska, United States
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Today, nature is your guide as your ship sets forth without a specific plan. Stop at an isolated beach, where the tide pooling and beach combing are good and there are forest trails to walk. The landscape is often colored with swaths of wildflowers with names as curious as the flower’s ability to grow here: silverweed, chocolate lily, nagoonberry and cow parsnip. Maybe do some small ship cruising along the shoreline of Admiralty Island, where the massive brown bear is found. Later, as you walk on one of the many islands in the area, keep an eye out for old bear tracks worn into the soil as you move from forest to meadow. This area is home to the highest density of nesting bald eagles in the world, so sightings are very common. If conditions permit, enjoy some kayaking, always watching for marine and terrestrial life.

ACCOMMODATIONS: National Geographic Sea Lion and Quest

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8: Disembark Sitka & Fly To Seattle
Sitka, Alaska, United States
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After breakfast disembark in Sitka, southeastern Alaska’s only oceanfront town. In the native Tlingit language, Sitka means "the village behind the island" and it has been home to various cultures for thousands of years. When visiting here, one can’t help but wonder about the ways in which cultures survive, passing down their characteristics from generation to generation.

Often, as you enter the harbor channel, dozens of bald eagles soar high above. This town has a strong Russian heritage, so readily apparent as you visit St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church with its onion domes. Gaze up at the grand totem poles that line the wooded trails through Sitka National Historic Park, and at the Raptor Rehabilitation Center, come face-to-face with bald eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. Sitka’s oceanfront setting is dominated by the volcanic peak of Mount Edgecumbe and surrounded by a string of small islands. The crystalline waters of Sitka Bay abound with sea stars and translucent moon jellyfish. After these visits, you'll be driven to the airport, just five minutes from town, for your afternoon flight to Seattle, arriving in the early evening.


MEALS: breakfast


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  • accommodations aboard vessel and hotels ashore as indicated in itinerary
  • all meals as indicated in itinerary
  • non-alcoholic beverages aboard ship, including cappuccinos, lattes, filtered water, and 24-hour coffee, tea and soda on demand; hors d'oeuvres and snacks during Recap
  • fitness center or exercise equipment, depending on ship
  • fully-stocked library and other public spaces
  • shore excursions
  • sightseeing and entrance fees; special access permits
  • transfers to and from group flights
  • use of kayaks
  • expedition staff expertise and services including presentations with guest speakers
  • gratuities (except to the ship's crew)
  • port taxes and service charges
  • services of a ship physician on most voyages


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Itinerary Notes: Use the itinerary as a guide only. Itineraries may be altered due to weather, wildlife, National Park regulation or at the captain's discretion. The ability to be flexible makes this type of small ship cruising unique.

Alternative Itinerary: The above itinerary also runs in reverse, from Sitka to Juneau.

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