Northern Passages and Glacier Bay Adventure Cruise


Northern Passages and Glacier Bay Adventure Cruise



11 months ago


8 Days




USD 2,995.00 per person


Dec 31, 2019
Northern Passages and Glacier Bay Adventure Cruise
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This 8-day Northern Passages & Glacier Bay small ship cruise features on- and off-boat excursions along jagged coastline, narrow channels, secluded coves, tree-covered islets and lush backcountry wilderness. Cruise between Juneau and Sitka, Alaska, in the waters of America’s largest national forest, the nearly 17-million-acre Tongass National Forest. Follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook, the first European to enter Glacier Bay, in 1878. A national park ranger joins the ship for a day to enhance the Glacier Bay National Park experience by providing environmental interpretation and teaching about the park’s history, local culture, geography, flora and fauna.

Activities like hiking, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are the perfect way to spot bald eagles, harbor seals and orca pods. Take a skiff ride near the Icy Strait to discover muskeg, enchanting mossy trees and kelp-threaded channels. Enjoy opportunities to seek out orange-beaked puffins, guillemots and marbled murrelets at Bartlett Cove and mountain goats near South Marble Island. Marvel at the Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers. Be on the lookout for surprise appearances by whales, sea lions, harbor seals, otters, porpoises and dolphins. On land, guided hikes of all levels offer opportunities to encounter giant trees, tidal pools and one of the world’s largest populations of grizzly and black bears.

The main 8-day Northern Passages & Glacier Bay cruise begins in Juneau and ends in Sitka. There is also a reverse itinerary that begins in Sitka and ends in Juneau, as well as special themed departures, which can be found on the Rates & Dates tab. Choose between the 60-guest Wilderness Adventurer, the 74-guest Wilderness Explorer or the 76-guest Wilderness Discoverer for the perfect chance to view Alaska's massive glaciers and enter some of the world's deepest fjords to hike, kayak and stand-up paddleboard.


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Rates vary by season and cabin starting at $2995 per person. Please see website for full details on rates.


Day 1: Embark Juneau, Alaska
Juneau, Alaska, United States
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Upon boarding, the Captain and crew welcome you aboard with smiles and a cocktail. Embark to cruise the scenic channels of the Inside Passage.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Discoverer or Wilderness Adventurer

MEALS: dinner

Days 2-4: Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, United States
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Day 2: Plying the remote waterways of Lynn Canal or Chatham Strait, your captain sets the course for adventure today! The guides provide gear and lead the adventure along the rocky outcroppings. By kayak or stand-up paddleboard, take in the size of this wilderness. Bald eagles dot the tree tops. Harbor seals bob up and under. Pods of orcas—the largest in the dolphin family—skim along the water’s surface.

Day 3: Glacier Bay National Park - What a privilege. At 3.3 million acres, this UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve is massive. At Bartlett Cove, a park ranger joins the day’s exploration and shares the park’s history. Orange-beaked puffins, guillemots and marbled murrelets are just a few possible sightings. Upon arrival at South Marble Island, a haulout for sea lions, take in the sights, sounds and smells. Watch for mountain goats perched around the bend and foraging bears lower along shore. Farther up the bay, glacial silt turns the water a milky white. Take in the Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers—one holding steady, the other retreating. Watch lounging harbor seals laze on bits of bergs and if time allows, tuck up in Tidal Inlet. End this full day relaxing for the sail into Icy Strait.

Day 4: Icy Strait - Nearly to the Pacific Ocean, Icy Strait is remote and wild with whales and marine mammals. Spouts and fin slaps are certain giveaways. Enjoy opportunities to view more rollicking sea lions and birds, but don’t forget to look straight down, as porpoises and dolphins may hitch a ride on the bow wave. And don’t worry about missing any wildlife; it’s a favorite mission of the crew to point out any creatures they spot. Make a break for it and head for a quiet pocket along the rugged coastline to see a different sort of wild than the open strait, where swampy muskeg leads to forest bushwhacks. Ride a skiff along the shore and down through kelp-threaded channels.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Discoverer or Wilderness Adventurer

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: Chichagof Island & Peril Strait
Point Adolphus, Alaska, United States
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Kick off the morning with on-deck yoga stretches. Meander through glacier-carved fjords along the Chichagof coast before stopping to lower the kayaks and skiffs. Camera in hand, set off on land and sea explorations. Take a skiff ride for a closer inspection of the moss-dripping trees that run right down to the water. With one of the world’s largest populations of bears, it’s possible to spot them too. Go searching for giant trees and tidal pools, hiking in the Tongass National Forest. Eagle-eyed guides lead the pack and pull up the rear. Later, wend along a twisting channel known for dramatic currents. Peril Strait runs 50 miles to Salisbury Sound.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Adventurer or Wilderness Discoverer

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6: Sergius Narrows & Neva Strait
Neva Strait, Alaska, United States
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There’s an eerie, enigmatic feeling in these woods created by morning fog. The aptly named Sergius Narrows squeezes to only 300 feet wide in one spot and a shallow 24 feet deep. The shorelines are close and offer good territory for play. Ride ashore on a skiff and hike into the backcountry. Otters back float, working to crack snacks resting on their bellies. At Hoonah Sound, squeeze back into Neva Strait. Watch the scenery change in the late fading light from the hot tub.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Discoverer or Wilderness Adventurer

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Krestof & Nakwasina Sounds
Peril Strait, Alaska, United States
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There aren’t many straight lines along Baranof Island. Its western side is spattered with remote, uninhabited islands. These features mean endless opportunities for adventure among secluded coves and tree-covered islets. Drop anchor and get going aboard a kayak, stand-up paddleboard or skiff to be on the level with curious sea lions and possibly whales. Rocky intertidal zones make good beach combing. There are no groomed trails here, only opportunities to enjoy a guided hike of which John Muir would approve. Toast the voyage with a festive farewell dinner and a photo journal of the trip: a gift from the expedition team.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Discoverer or Wilderness Adventurer

MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8: Disembark Sitka
Sitka, Alaska, United States
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Cruise into Sitka this morning over breakfast and then say farewell. Disembark and transfer to the airport, your hotel stay or land tour.


MEALS: breakfast


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  • Accommodations aboard the specific vessel
  • Onboard meals
  • Premium spirits, wine, beer and liquor (excludes super-premium wines)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transfers and baggage handling between airport / vessel on embark / disembark day
  • Entry fees to national parks / preserves
  • Exclusive activities and shore visits
  • Wellness amenities
  • Presentations by onboard expedition / heritage guides and guest experts


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Itinerary Notes: We may occasionally alter itineraries slightly for safety, or to take advantage of weather, wildlife, and unplanned discoveries. Our ability to be spontaneous makes our style of cruising unique.

Activities: Whether you are looking for moderate activity or vigorous, extended and challenging outdoor pursuits, the crew can tailor most any expedition to suit your skill level. Adventure activities may include: whale watching, snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, inflatable boat/skiff excursions, morning yoga and stretching, land treks, glacier viewing, wildlife observation and "polar bear plunges." Snorkeling gear and wetsuits are available for rent, and limited quantities of hiking poles, binoculars, mud boots, and rain gear are available on board. To ensure availability and fit, we encourage you to bring your own gear.

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