Delfin II Amazon River Cruise


Delfin II Amazon River Cruise



10 months ago


4 Days




USD 3,200.00 per person


Dec 31, 2019
Delfin II Amazon River Cruise
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On this 4- or 5-day Delfin II Amazon River Cruise, explore flooded Peruvian Amazon forests, lakes and lagoons in search of fantastically diverse flora and fauna waiting around every bend. Daily excursions in aluminum skiffs or kayaks reveal a world of colorful wildlife and local communities that have been in the area for generations.

The 28-guest Delfin II is unique among Amazon small ships as being one of the first to have a full fleet of kayaks. Silently traversing flooded forests and waterways where pink and grey dolphins and piranhas swim is an experience like no other. Swimming with them is even more unforgettable. Overhead, during hikes and paddles, troops of monkeys and marmosets, colorful birds and insects fill the upper canopy. Nothing is missed between excursions thanks to Delfin’s panoramic windows in every suite and common area.

The Peruvian Amazon is not only a wildlife mecca, it is also home to communities that have endured centuries of rainy and dry seasons. Local villagers offer amazing arts and crafts and the opportunity to learn about their way of life. Connect with Amazonian people on this intimate and relaxing small ship cruise. Note that the 5-day itinerary travels to the Pacaya River at the heart of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Amazon Peru’s largest protected area with a mean annual rainfall of nearly 3,000 millimeters, making this the largest protected wetland reserve in the world. The 4-day itinerary does not have time to reach the Pacaya River itself, but maintains the magic of the Amazon with all the cultural and wildlife stops that can be made in the course of 4 days.

Itineraries in the Amazon vary based on high water (rainy) season and low water (dry) season. High water season is November to May and allows for more extensive exploration and access via water. High water season is ideal for travelers who prefer to duck into otherwise isolated corners of the reserve aboard speedy boats. Low water season is June through October and allows for more trail walks. Low water season is ideal for travelers who prefer to walk through the rainforest and discover its flora and fauna. All listed activities depend on water levels, weather and season. Travelers equipped with a sense of adventure and openness tend to enjoy their experience in the Amazon jungle more.


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Rates vary by season and cabin starting at $3200 per person. Please see website for full details on rates.


Day 1: Arrive Iquitos & Embark Nauta
Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
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After arriving at Iquitos International Airport, you will be assisted by Delfin II guides and transported by bus for about 1½ hours to Nauta. Nauta lies between Iquitos and the Marañon River, where the Delfin II is waiting for you. Upon boarding the Delfin II, your experienced crew will help you settle into your stateroom and introduce you to their extraordinary vessel. Upon embarking, it will soon be clear that you're traveling where few have gone before. You are now part of a select group of seasoned world travelers who visit remote Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, 5 million acres of protected, flooded forest, roughly the size of a small Central American country.

Dinner is served in the cozy dining room located at the back of the ship’s second deck. Because of its cultural diversity, Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the world’s finest, making the country an attractive culinary destination. Aside from providing you with a rainforest adventure, the Delfin II is also a unique culinary experience, offering the best of Amazonian - Peruvian cuisine in a cosmopolitan gourmet setting. Delfin's chef prides himself in serving dishes in different styles and seasoned with a wide variety of herbs and spices, as well as exotic fruits. After dinner, your guides will use charts and short videos to conduct a brief orientation outlining the details of your journey, including the places you will visit, the wildlife you will see, as well as a summary of the history and geography of the Amazon basin. Finally, fall under the spell of the beauty of an Amazonian night filled with hundreds of stars.


MEALS: dinner

Day 2: Belluda Caño Creek & Dorado River
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Loreto, Peru
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Early in the morning, head out on skiffs for Belluda Caño Creek, a spectacular tributary within the Pacaya Samiria Reserve for a hopeful and unforgettable encounter with gray and pink river dolphins. Birds will be out and active, flying gracefully across the Amazon skies. In the afternoon, search for Amazon wildlife along the Dorado River and experience the biodiversity of the region with expert guides who have spent their lives in the area. Enjoy myriad bird species, colorful butterflies and other diverse insects and noisy monkey troops throughout the day. When the night shift begins, encounter a whole new world of adventure.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3: Clavero Lake, Yarapa River & Puerto Miguel
Dorado River, Loreto, Peru
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Begin today with an exploration at Clavero Lake by aluminum skiff, traveling deep into the rainforest where a fantastic diversity of flora and fauna awaits. Venture along the Yarapa River and explore the tributary in the kayaks, listening closely for the sounds from within the mysterious jungle. Next take skiffs to visit the community of Puerto Miguel and meet local villagers who have called Amazonia their home for generations. Step into a typical schoolhouse where children are happy to have visitors. Stop by an area to see the women of this community who have a most amazing arts & crafts market.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4: Disembark Nauta, Rescue & Rehabilitation Center Of River Mammals To Iquitos
Puerto Miguel, Loreto, Peru
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With heavy hearts, the staff wishes you farewell. Disembark at the port of Nauta and travel by private vehicle to the city of Iquitos, about a 95 kilometer journey by paved road. On the way, visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) for the chance to meet baby manatees and learn why these wonderful and docile creatures are on the endangered species list. Have the opportunity to pet and feed these kind manatees, as well as other animals cared for by the center that have been rescued from capture and other threatening conditions. Donations to this ambitious organization are welcome. At the airport, land personnel await with your boarding passes and help you check in. The return flight takes you directly to the city of Lima, the capital of Peru.


MEALS: breakfast and lunch


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  • all meals onboard
  • all excursions and equipment, including rubber boots and rain ponchos
  • group transfers to/from vessel when arriving on recommended flights to Iquitos
  • entrance fee to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
  • coffee, tea, purified water, local soft drinks, local beer, house cocktails and Pisco-based cocktails
  • house wine with lunch and dinner


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Alternative Itinerary: In addition to the above 4-day itinerary, there is a longer 5-day option that reaches the Pacaya River, in the heart of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Both itineraries operate during high and low water seasons, which may slightly alter daily activities listed.

Itinerary Notes: Use the itinerary as a guide only. Itineraries may be altered due to weather, season, wildlife, National Park regulation or at the captain's discretion. Itineraries in the Amazon vary based on the high water (rainy) season of November to May and low water (dry) season of June to October. The ability to be flexible makes this type of small ship cruising unique.

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