Uncharted Isthmus! Sloths, Monkeys & Mangroves - Small Ship Cruise in Costa Rica & Panama


Uncharted Isthmus! Sloths, Monkeys & Mangroves - Small Ship Cruise in Costa Rica & Panama



6 months ago


8 Days


October - April


USD 3,745.00 per person


Dec 31, 2017
Uncharted Isthmus! Sloths, Monkeys & Mangroves - Small Ship Cruise in Costa Rica & Panama
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Experience untamed adventure on this 8-day Costa Rica and Panama small ship cruise that sets sail aboard the intimate 64-guest Safari Voyager, yet lets you explore off ship by skiff, hike, paddleboard, snorkel and kayak. Highlights include transiting the 48-mile-long Panama Canal connecting the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, visiting Costa Rica's largest park, Corcovado National Park, and snorkeling the crystalline waters at Panama's Granito de Oro.

And of course wildlife abounds. Visits to a butterfly- and flower-filled tropical botanical reserve and explorations in lush jungles and pristine islands are prime opportunities to spot two- and three-toed sloths, howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, squirrel monkeys and white-faced capuchins.

This small ship cruise route covers the entire Pacific coastline of Panama, and most of Costa Rica's too, making it one of the best ways to cruise the region. It's also our most active adventure cruise option in Costa Rica.


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Rates vary by season and cabin starting at $3745 per person. Please see website for full details on rates.


Day 1: Embark San José, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
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Welcome to Costa Rica, the land of pura vida! On arrival in the capital city of San José, transfer to the Safari Voyager’s hospitality area to join your fellow adventurers. After everyone has gathered, travel to the Playa Herradura on the Pacific Ocean, where you’ll board the Safari Voyager and meet your enthusiastic crew.


MEALS: n/a

Day 2: Curú National Wildlife Refuge & Isla Tortuga
Tortuga Island, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Kick off your week of adventure on the southeastern tip of Nicoya Peninsula, where local residents include a variety of different animal, reptile, avian, and insect species, including frigate birds and hummingbirds, and army ants and butterflies. Hike in Curú National Wildlife Refuge, a prime place to inspect diverse flora and fauna. Off shore, the coconut palm-lined beaches of Isla Tortuga offer inviting tranquility. Snorkel, kayak and paddleboard in vibrant, turquoise waters, or sit back and relax on a warm, sandy beach.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3: Manual Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park, Central Pacific Conservation Area, Costa Rica
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Boasting 109 species of mammals, over 330 bird species and abundant marine life among its incredibly diverse plant life, Manual Antonio National Park provides endless opportunity for discovery. On a jungle hike, keep your eyes looking at the canopy above, watching for two- and three-toed sloths, white-faced capuchins, scarlet macaws, many-colored tanagers, coatis, iguanas and other colorful and camouflaged creatures. And, keep your ears tuned for the screeching of howler monkeys.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4: Corcovado National Park
Corcovado National Park, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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The remote Osa Peninsula is home to Costa Rica’s largest national park, Corcovado. Isolated and wild, Corcovado is known for its diverse plant and animal species including all four of Costa Rica’s monkeys, tree frogs, caimans, anteaters, scarlet macaws, coatis and 16 different species of hummingbird. Explore this vast park putting feet to trail on an invigorating hike through the jungle. At the end of the day, enjoy the sunset with a tropical beverage in-hand during cocktail hour and retell stories of the day with your travel-mates.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: Golfo Dulce
Golfo Dulce, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Today explore a tropical botanical reserve exploding with vibrant color, a true birder’s paradise. From bromeliads, ginger plants and heliconias, to toucans, hummingbirds, mischievous monkeys, and fluttering butterflies, there’s a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and tastes in every tree and bush you pass on your walking tour. In Golfo Dulce, which separates Oso Peninsula from the mainland, explore the rare flora and fauna of mangroves by kayak and skiff.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6: Granito De Oro, Coiba National Park, Panama
Coiba National Park, Veraguas, Panama
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Sail through the islands of Coiba National Park, making a stop at the postcard-perfect Granito de Oro islet. Volcanic outcroppings at either end of this tiny landmass and a dense mini-jungle in the center are connected by a gorgeous white-sand beach. Named one of the world’s top 10 diving sites, your day of play features snorkeling among abundant marine life, kayaking around rocky outcroppings and lounging on the warm sand. It’s another perfect day in paradise.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Gulf Of Panama Islands & The Panama Canal
Panama Canal, Panama
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The diverse islands and islets in the Gulf of Panama are all unique, so today it’s captain’s choice as you cruise among them. Hosting hundreds of avian species, you may enjoy superb bird watching on an exciting skiff exploration, or stroll a charming coastal village that boasts Panama’s oldest church. Later today, prepare to experience one of the top bucket-list destinations—transiting from ocean to ocean along the 48-mile Panama Canal. Truly a marvel of engineering and human tenacity, it took 9,000 workers to build it. Celebrate this absolutely unforgettable voyage with a special farewell dinner, and then join your expedition team for a slideshow highlighting the week’s adventures.


MEALS: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8: Disembark Panama City
Panama City, Panama
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Enjoy an early breakfast aboard the Safari Voyager and bid your crew farewell. You’ll disembark in Colón and be transferred to the Panama City airport for your flight home or to select hotels.


MEALS: breakfast


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  • All onboard meals; premium spirits, fine wine, microbrews; non-alcoholic beverages; exclusive transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark days; port fees and taxes;
  • entry fees to national parks/preserves; all from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment; wellness program: sauna, fitness equipment, yoga mats, and a complimentary massage.


Learn More @ www.adventuresmithexplorations.com

Use the itinerary as a guide only. Itineraries may be altered due to weather, wildlife, National Park regulation or at the captain's discretion. The ability to be flexible makes this type of small ship cruising unique.

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