Cruising the Aegean: A Family Adventure


Cruising the Aegean: A Family Adventure



10 months ago


8 Days/7 Nights


July 28, 2018 - August 4, 2018


GBP 2,850.00 per person


Jul 27, 2018
Cruising the Aegean: A Family Adventure
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Open to Families and All

This cruise among the timeless Islands of the Dodecanese archipelago is a perfect and entertaining introduction to the varied history of the Aegean Sea and its inhabitants. It is also the fabulous setting for our family cruise in Greece. Every day on Cruising the Aegean: A Family Adventure brings new discoveries, new things to learn, and new places to enjoy together.

With a team of expert guides at hand to bring the region's past back to vibrant life, you will discover the mysteries of ancient Gods and hear tales of giants and monsters! You’ll learn of the skills of the ancient Greek city-builders, of Roman merchants, of Byzantine holy men, of Crusader Knights, of Ottoman warriors and of Italian architects, all set next to each other in compelling harmony, and each monument with its own story to tell. These stories, all linked across space and time, form a dense web of meaning, offering insights on humanity itself. Of course, we will "meet" these characters and their stories hands-on, by walking through a smoking volcano, strolling along mighty castle battlements, admiring intricate ancient craftsmanship and sailing the very same azure waters that the ancient traders and conquerors criss-crossed for thousands of years.

The spirit of discovery and the joy of engaging with the many stories the region has to tell goes hand-in-hand with ample time to relax, swim, snorkel, kayak, or simply gaze at the ever-changing maritime scenery - the perfect way to truly enjoy this famously beautiful area in an unforgettable way. There is no finer experience of the Greek Islands than a family gulet holiday. As always, wonderful food, freshly prepared on board or in selected tavernas on the islands, will complete the days, from breakfast on deck in the morning sunshine to lively bustling tavernas providing dishes of glorious salads, slow roasted meats and freshly caught seafood. The experience, is unique, exciting and most of all fun!

When we think back on our childhood and youth, many of us find that the most vividly remembered scenes and moments are often ones that took place on holidays and while travelling. It makes perfect sense: travel is a wonderful and formative experience for children and adults alike. The experience of exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting different foods and enjoying the daily adventures brings families closer together – it’s what memories are made of.

One of the things that is so special about our family tours is that the children contribute their boundless energy and curiosity to the experience. When we take kids of any age to ancient sites, they are no longer just places where we stand back, admire and discover the history. Instead, the children make themselves at home, the sites become places to inhabit: fallen down columns are balanced upon, dark tombs are crawled into, pottery and other artefacts are found, walls are climbed, hidden inscriptions are hunted for, old theatres are performed in. Sticks become swords, flowers become jewels and the ruins come alive in the imagination.

Rather than having to deal with the usual hassle of finding hotels, getting from place to place by car or public transport, having to arrange meals and so on, guests on our family cruises can simply relax. The tour takes place on a beautiful hand-crafted wooden gulet (a traditional Turkish motor-yacht), cruising along the shore and adding to the sense of adventure. Meals are freshly prepared by an on-board chef, so there is also ample time to play, swim, snorkel, read, sunbathe, nap, or simply enjoy the beautiful boat and the wonderful scenery in the company of friends and loved ones - the holiday of a lifetime.

Join us on Cruising the Aegean: A Family Adventure, for a family holiday to remember!


£2,850 / Single Supplement: £765


Day 1:
Kos, Dodecanese, Greece

We embark on our gulet, 35 minutes from the airport, in the harbour of Kos, where most travellers to the island have moored for nearly 2,400 years! Welcome drink and dinner on board.

Day 2:
Nisyros, Dodecanese, Greece

We begin our adventure by exploring some of the archaeological riches of Kos Town, a place where ancient Greek temples, Roman houses, a Crusader castle and eclectic Italian architecture of the 1930’s rub shoulders, offering a vivid panorama of the island's turbulent history. In the afternoon, after a beautiful first swim in the Aegean, we continue to the picturesque and labyrinthine port village of Mandraki on the volcanic island of Nisyros.

Day 3:
Nisyros, Dodecanese, Greece

This morning we head off on an exciting adventure to the atmospheric steam crater of Stephanos, where we see, hear and smell the true nature of Nisyros: the whole island is a volcano. Myth and science have very different ways of explaining the phenomenon - we will regale you with both. We walk across the surface of the crater where hot water bubbles on the surface and steam rises from beneath, leaving mounds of crystallized sulphur, before heading off to enjoy a well-earned lunch. Later, we make the long and scenic crossing to a bay off rocky Kalymnos.

Day 4:
Patmos, Dodecanese, Greece

In the morning, we cross over to the sacred island of Patmos. After ample time for swimming and relaxing in one of its many coves, we go ashore to discover the Cave of the Apocalypse and hear its mysterious tale. At the great Monastery of Saint John, we find one of Greece's greatest medieval treasures, surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful island town of Chora with its maze of cobbled streets and beautiful white-washed houses. The setting, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, is stunning and reveals a thousand years of life in a small and remote island uniquely connected to a greater world.

Day 5:
Leros, Dodecanese, Greece

On the little-visited island of Leros, we make our way to the stupendous Castle of Panteli. With its crumbling medieval walls it sits high above a deep blue sea and overlooks a fascinating scenery of coves, bays, and a dense jumble of ornate mansions. This is the perfect site to learn about the many conflicts and struggles that have shaped the area. From the castle we take a stroll around the strange Italian military town at Lakki before making our way to a beautiful cove off Kalymnos for a relaxing evening.

Day 6:
Kalimnos, Dodecanese, Greece

In the morning, we visit the extraordinary archaeological museum of Kalymnos with its rich collection of ancient Greek sculpture. The excellent exhibit is a window into the life and thought of ancient Greece - the great bronze statues recently discovered on the sea-bottom by local fishermen are an unforgettable sight! Later, we learn about the island's living tradition by visiting one of the remaining sponge-washing workshops. In the afternoon, following a short stay in the Turkish port of Turgutreis for customs formalities, we moor by the barely inhabited islet of Pserimos – a secluded spot, far apart from the busy world.

Day 7:
Kos, Dodecanese, Greece

Back on Kos, we explore the Casa Romana, the partially restored house of a Roman bigwig. Here we have the chance to walk in the very footsteps of its past inhabitants by visiting their dining rooms, reception halls, courtyards, kitchens and bedrooms. Afterwards, we go to the beautifully set Asklepieion, the most important sacred site of ancient Kos and a great place to meet characters like Asklepios, the God of Healing and Hippocrates, "father of medicine". We conclude their story in the superb archaeological museum. Farewell dinner on the gulet.

Day 8:
Kos, Dodecanese, Greece

Transfer to Kos airport, about 35 minutes away.

Aegean, Greece


  • Full board accommodation on gulet
  • Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
  • All crew services on gulet
  • Entrance fees & tips on land
  • Archaeological excursions
  • WiFi on our scheduled gulet cruises (when coverage permits)

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