Walking & Cruising the Lycian Shore in October: Walking, Sailing & Archaeology in Turkey


Walking & Cruising the Lycian Shore in October: Walking, Sailing & Archaeology in Turkey



2 months ago


15 Days/14 Nights


Sat Sep 30 – Sat Oct 14, 2017


GBP 3,995.00 per person


Oct 01, 2017
Walking & Cruising the Lycian Shore in October: Walking, Sailing & Archaeology in Turkey
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Over the years, many guests travelling on our "Cruising the Lycian Shore" trip found themselves fascinated and enchanted by the occasional strolls we took on the Lycian Way, Turkey’s very first long-distance walking hiking trail. Their frequent inquiries inspired us to create a tour that combines more walking with archaeological adventures and the pleasure of a gulet cruise. Thanks to your inspiration, back in 2006, Walking and Cruising the Lycian Shore became the first of our walking holidays.

Rated by The Sunday Times (UK) as one of the ten best walks in the world, the Lycian Way follows over 540km (335 miles) of ancient roadways, mule tracks and shepherds’ paths along one of Turkey’s most remote and untouched coastlines. On this cruise, we follow some of its very best stretches, chosen for their beauty and interest, averaging about 9km (5-6 miles) of walking per day. Our travelling offshore base is a beautiful traditional Turkish gulet, offering us elegant transport, delicious dining, comfortable accommodation and welcome leisure throughout the voyage.

An ideal tour for walkers and for lovers of the sea alike, the cruise also provides the cultural and archaeological experience that is the trademark of Peter Sommer Travels. Escorted by Peter Sommer himself, you will visit a whole series of ancient sites, stroll along Roman roads, trace the routes of 2,000 year-old aqueducts and follow in the footsteps of characters from the mysterious Lycians of antiquity via Alexander the Great to the nomadic herders of recent centuries.

Exploring on foot offers a uniquely profound and enjoyable engagement with the landscape and its history, including the opportunity to discover truly remote archaeological sites that cannot be easily reached otherwise. You will be able to admire Phellos, the “stony place”, an ancient citadel perched precariously on a pinnacle high above the Mediterranean Sea, wild and ancient Apollonia, with its grand necropolis and romantic theatre, or the extensive ruins of mountain-top Kyaneai, one of the most important cities of ancient Lycia.

Of course, we also visit Lycia’s famous archaeological highlights, such as the regional Lycian capital at Pinara with its “royal” tombs, the monumental Roman port city of Patara and the Ottoman castle of Kale, ancient Simena, surrounded by age-old Lycian sarcophagus graves.

The combination of walks through a succession of beautiful landscapes, expert-led visits to fascinating archaeological sites, cruising in pristine waters and delicious meals on board or in selected local restaurants, in addition to plenty of time to swim and relax, make this tour a perfect choice for the active and curious traveller. From footpaths by the coast to goat tracks high up in the hills, from age-old cemeteries to monumental ruined cities, this tour offers you stimulation and relaxation for mind, body and soul.


Single supplement: £975


Day 1: Arrival
Gocek, Mediterranean, Turkey

Our Gulet is about 30 minutes from Dalaman Airport at Göcek, a pretty harbor beneath mountains at the head of the Bay of Fethiye, on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast. Welcome dinner aboard.

Day 2: The Bay Of Fethiye
Fethiye, Aegean, Turkey

Today offers a chance to unwind in the Bay of Fethiye.

Day 3: Explore Kaya
Kayakoy, Aegean, Turkey

We cruise east to explore the ghost town of Levissi/Kaya, abandoned by the Greeks in 1923. Walk back to the gulet near Gemiler Island, an area perfect for swimming.

Day 4: Visit Sidyma
Gocek, Mediterranean, Turkey

We drive inland to the impressive ancient ruins of Sidyma, a 2,500 year old Lycian city that surrounds a modern farming village. Then back to our gulet for a swim.

Day 5: Visit Pinara
Pinara, Aegean, Turkey

Up the Xanthus Valley to Pinara, where a mighty cliff riddled with tombs stands guard over one of the most striking and spectacularly situated archaeological sites.

Day 6: Investigate Apollonia
Apollonia, Aegean, Turkey

East to investigate Apollonia, where a an ancient Greek theatre stands between a Byzantine fortress and several churches. Then a walk through a wild moonscape back to the sea.

Day 7: Explore Byzantine Remains
Kekova, Mediterranean, Turkey

We cruise by Kekova Island then stroll through ancient burial grounds to the Ottoman castle at Kale. One of the most romantic stops of the holiday.

Day 8: Trek To Istlada
Istlada, Aegean, Turkey

We visit Sura, site of a famous fish oracle dedicated to Apollo, then trek along a beautiful stretch of coast to ancient Istlada and our waiting boat.

Day 9: Visit Kyaenai & Kas
Kyaenai, Mediterranean, Turkey

Head inland to one of the most remarkable Lycian towns, mountain-top Kyaenai. We overnight in Kas, a picturesque town and ancient harbourage.

Day 10: Hike To Phellos
Phellos, Mediterranean, Turkey

The longest hike of the tour, but well worth the effort. Up to the lost city of Phellos and along a high ridge. Stunning views abound.

Day 11: Walk To Patara
Patara, Aegean, Turkey

A wondrous walk retracing the route of the Roman aqueduct to Patara. A sunset dip offers a refreshing finale. Overnight in the pretty harbour at Kalkan.

Day 12: Hike To Farayla
Farayla, Aegean, Turkey

We hike from Farayla to Kabak through cyclamen-filled woods.

Day 13: Trek To Ovacik
Ovacik, Black Sea, Turkey

A glorious final trek across the shoulder of Babadag (Father Mountain) to Ovacik. Breathtaking views all day long.

Day 14: Leisure Day On The Gulet & Visit Fethiye
Fethiye, Aegean, Turkey

A day of total leisure aboard our elegant gulet, sailing and swimming. We moor in Fethiye for a final chance to shop.

Day 15: Departure
Dalaman, Aegean, Turkey

Transfer back to Dalaman airport, on Turkey’s south coast.


  • Full board accommodation on gulet
  • Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
  • All crew services on gulet
  • Entrance fees & tips on land
  • WiFi on our scheduled gulet cruises (when coverage permits)

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