Swiftwater Rescue Course: WRT - 3-Day Rescue 3 Certified Technician


Swiftwater Rescue Course: WRT - 3-Day Rescue 3 Certified Technician



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3 Days


April - August, Select Date & Location


USD 345.00 per person


Dec 31, 2017
Swiftwater Rescue Course: WRT - 3-Day  Rescue 3 Certified Technician
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WRT courses are for those who do not require NFPA standards. This course covers the same skills as an SRT course but put an emphasis on learning thee with a minimum of personnel and equipment.

This course is approximately 24-30 hours total with 8-10 hours of classroom and approximately 16-20 hours in the field. It is suggested that the class be held over 3 days, but it can be adjusted to fit shift and other schedules.

An intensive 3-day, 30-hour class, the Whitewater Rescue Technician (River guides and private boaters) program includes an in-depth look at such subjects as swift water dynamics and hydrology, boat-based rescues, technical rescue system, in-white water contact rescues, rescue organization and scene management, technical gear and rope systems, flood rescue problems, low head dam rescues, and much more.


Day 1: Whitewater Rescue Technician (Certified)
Nathrop, Colorado, United States

Registration 15 mins. Introduction NFPA Standard 15 mins. (SRT ONLY) Lecture: Rescue Philosophy & Rescuer Safety, 30 mins. Lecture: Management, Organization & ICS, 30 mins. Lecture: Communications, Size-up, and pre-planning, 30 mins. **BREAK** 15 mins. Student Introductions, 15 mins. Movie “Staying Alive”, 45 mins. Lecture: Hydrology, 1 hour **LUNCH** 1 hour Lecture/Practice: Personal and Team Equipment, 45 mins. Movie “Whitewater Survival”, 30 mins. Lecture: Panic/Survival, 15 mins. Lecture: Medical, 15 mins. Lecture: Dealing with Family & Bystanders, 15 mins. Lecture: Vehicles, Boats, & Helicopters, 30 mins. Lecture/Video: Class Out-takes / Rescues, 30 mins.

Day 2: Whitewater Rescue Technician (Certified)
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Lecture: On scene River Safety briefing, 15 mins. Lecture: On scene Communications, 15 mins. Practice: Swimming, 45 mins. Practice: Throwbags, 30 mins. **BREAK** 10 mins. Practice: Strainer, 30 mins. Practice: Foot Entrapments, 30 mins. **LUNCH** 1 hour Practice: Rescue Boards, 45 mins. Practice: Shallow Water Crossings, 30 mins. **BREAK** 10 mins. Practice: Technical (Knots, ropes & technical gear), 2 hours

Day 3: Whitewater Rescue Technician (Certified)
Almont, Colorado, United States

Practice: Technical (anchors and haul systems), 1 hour Practice: Line Crossing, 15 mins. Practice: Tension Diagonal, 45 mins. **BREAK** 15 mins. Practice: Continuous Loop, 30 mins. Practice: Live Bait Rescue, 30 mins. **LUNCH** 1 hour Practice: Contact Rescues, 30 mins. Practice: Boat Handling, 30 mins. **BREAK** 30 mins. Practice: 2 & 4 Point Boat Rescue, 30 mins. Practice: Tyrolean Boat on Tether, 45 mins. Practice: Boat Wraps, 45 mins. Course Evaluation Skill Sheets/Test/Class Review, 30 mins.


  • 30 hours of instruction
  • Books
  • Handouts
  • Testing
  • Certification materials
  • Patches
  • ID cards


Written and practical tests must be completed prior to certification.

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