Green River - Instructional Kayak/Raft/SUP Seminar - 6 Days


Green River - Instructional Kayak/Raft/SUP Seminar - 6 Days



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6 Days / 5 Nights


May - September


USD 1,250.00 per person


Dec 31, 2017
Green River - Instructional Kayak/Raft/SUP Seminar - 6 Days
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Are you a beginner wanting to learn one of the most popular sports in the world? Are you an intermediate wanting more technical knowledge in order to move on to the next whitewater challenge? Dvorak's courses are specialized, personal, and professional. Instruction might be a basic as a half day on a lake to learn introductory skills or a 10-day river trip to progress through several skill levels. Since whitewater skills require time and practice, three to seven days of instruction is recommended.

Dvorak's goal is to make paddlers not only proficient, but safe and knowledgeable on the river.

Dvorak Expeditions has a training program to help you learn the technical skills, strokes, and maneuvers you will need to learn how to paddle yourself through the rapids. This is a unique and exhilarating way of learning a completely new way of experiencing the water if you are a committed paddler, regardless of age or previous level of boating.

The basic instructional areas within the course training and instruction include: * Equipment Selection * Maintenance and Repair of Equipment * Reading River Flows, Lines * Scouting and Running Rapids * Rescue and Evacuation Techniques * Minimum Impact Camping

Specific whitewater skills you will be taught include: * Basic and More Technical Whitewater Strokes * Ferrying * Eddy Turns * River Hydrology * River Etiquette Class Levels: Beginner/Intermediate (River Class II-III), Intermediate/Advanced (River Class III-V).


Government fees/taxes, gratuity, equipment rentals, and air shuttle additional cost.


Day 1-6: Learn To Kayak
Green River, Utah, United States

Beginner to intermediate levels of instruction will occur for this trip. Over 60 rapids of Class II to III will bring you to a competent level of experience. Sign on today. Full raft support for your kayaking experience. All meals and equipment are included. Call for more details.


  • All Rafting Equipment
  • Meals, Lunch through Lunch
  • Ground Transportation and Air by Arrangement
  • Kayak & Gear
  • Guide / Instructor


Choose from Raft, Kayak, or SUP Instructional Crafts

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