Swiftwater Courses: Rescue 3 International Cert. ( Whitewater WRT)


Swiftwater Courses: Rescue 3 International Cert. ( Whitewater WRT)



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3 Days


April - August


USD 345.00 per person


Dec 31, 2017
Swiftwater  Courses: Rescue 3 International Cert. ( Whitewater WRT)
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Dvorak Expeditions was selected in 2003 as the Colorado Regional Training Center for Rescue 3 instructional courses in swiftwater rescue. Rescue 3, the global leader in white water and swiftwater rescue training, rescue and instruction, has created nationally certified courses, setting standards for water and river safety. The Rescue 3 program was developed by active professionals - search and rescue, paramedics, scuba instructors, lifeguards, white water rafting guides and outfitters, police and fire fighters, with among them over 100 years of cumulative white water experience. The program meets the requirements of the NFPA 1670 Standard.

In the current climate of liability and risk-management, SRT/WRT provides an important standard in swiftwater rescue training programs and over 70,000 individuals have received certification since 1979. SRT/WRT has been enthusiastically received by state offices of emergency services, state fire marshals, the America Outdoors, the Colorado River Outfitters Association, the New Mexico Outfitters Association, the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada, and many others. The program is taught regularly in over 13 other countries around the globe.

We offer intensive two- to four-day rescue skill building courses in both Swiftwater Rescue (SRT) and Whitewater Rescue (WRT), which include in depth training in a variety of subjects including:

* swiftwater dynamics hydrology * boat-based rescue * technical rescue systems * in-water contact rescues * rescue organization * scene management * technical gear * rope systems * flood rescue problems * low-head dam rescues

WRT courses are for those who do not require NFPA standards. This course covers the same skills as an SRT course but put an emphasis on learning thee with a minimum of personnel and equipment.

SRT/WRT is a comprehensive course (30 hour class) of specific behavioral objectives, with practical and written tests prior to certification and is not a "clinic" or a workshop.

Advanced courses (50 hours) includes all of the SRT/WRT program elements and covers additionally advanced technical rescue, helicopter management and a major mock rescue, often at night. This class is arduous and fatiguing and is given regardless of weather conditions.

Equipment required for our courses includes a full wet suit or dry suit, Type III or V personal flotation device, light climbing or kayaking helmet.


Does not include lodging, meals or equipment rentals, gratuity, government fees/taxes.


Day 1-3: Whitewater Rescue Training Wrt
Arkansas River, Colorado, United States


  • Professional instructors
  • Boating equipment
  • Training equipment
  • Rentals on personal gear available
  • Training Manual
  • Certificate / card


Recertification of any course before expiriation (three years) is half tuition. Verification card of prior course required.

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