Arkansas Valley Basic-Intermediate Rock Climbing 1-day


Arkansas Valley Basic-Intermediate Rock Climbing 1-day



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7 Hours


May - Sept.


USD 150.00 per person


Dec 31, 2017
Arkansas Valley Basic-Intermediate Rock Climbing 1-day
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Basic rock climbing skills and intermediate levels for more advanced groups. Professional instructors for all rock climbing classes. No independent climbing. All equipment provided will be outlined in the package that is sent with the confirmation. Natural Rock, not artificial walls.


Adult $150. Child $120.


Day 1:
Arkansas River, Colorado, United States

Learning to climb, you need not have great physical strength nor superior coordination. These help, but far more important are interest and will, supported by lots of energy. Benefit of instruction with a competent professional school is the most efficient way to learn. For a sample climbing day you will learn the basics and practice needed as a beginner to become a safe dedicated cragsman. We will teach you knots, the techniques of belaying (three elements are friction, position, and anchor, to protect your partner).

Rappelling: a means of descending by sliding down a rope. Usually the rope is doubled, allowing retrieval by pulling one end, thus the French word, rappel, meaning: to recall. You will learn the use of your harness or seat sling system which will aid in providing enough friction so the body can be lowered slowly and in control!


Guide(s): Our professional staff will take you to and from the rock climbing sites. They have advanced skills in climbing and will assure that all safety procedures will be utilized. Regulation harnesses, ropes of "top" quality and condition will always be used. The guides are trained in Advanced first aid/CPR as well as many carry EMT certifications as well. A number of our staff work in the outdoor education fields through out the year and spend their summer season rafting and kayaking with Dvorak Expeditions.

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