Green River - Desolation and Gray Canyons 'Yoga Journey'


Green River - Desolation and Gray Canyons 'Yoga Journey'



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Dec 31, 2017
Green River - Desolation and Gray Canyons 'Yoga Journey'
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Walk among the canyons and ancient peoples... and through learning the inner peace, discipline and strength-enhancing power of yoga, you will cultivate and deepen your own spiritual and physical well-being. Inspiration, knowledge and a deeper spiritual awareness are essential components of any river experience. This Yoga Adventure trip may just change your life!

The Yoga Adventure begins in Desolation & Gray Canyons on the Green River in Utah and rafts through the Green River Wilderness Area. You spend six days floating this scenic river through serene desert, experiencing the solitude and peace unique to the Green. Camp on deserted beaches, explore side canyons, and practice yoga in nature's theaters. Indulge in pre-breakfast yoga and have the opportunity to bliss and/or meditate on the rafts and in the remote setting of this pristine river where the natural surroundings are still intact as they were when left by the "ancient ones" over 1,200 years ago. Practice restorative asana and relaxation at sunset. Sleep out under the stars or in spacious tents. Fabulous vegetarian meals as well as non-vegetarian options are prepared for your enjoyment, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Deborah Koehn, your yoga instructor for your six-day adventure has created a career encompassing explorations of remote regions of the world, leading yoga retreats and studying with yogis, healers and traditional medicine peoples. Deborah and her husband David, pioneered trekking routes throughout the Andes and the Amazon basin of South America over 20 years ago. Deborah was the first woman to climb and telemark ski many of the highest peaks in Peru and Bolivia. This adventurous couple has also led adventures in Bali, Nepal and India for over 17 years. Having led trips for Outward Bound for eight years, Deborah is a trained emergency medical technician and has a background in subtle energy healing and nutritional counseling. Deborah has been featured in numerous national publications such as: Yoga Journal, Women in Sports and Fitness, Outside Magazine, and on ESPN.

Deborah has a well-crafted yoga practice and teaching style that reflects over 30 years of study. Inviting students to cultivate the exploration of the physical and spiritual realms, she offers a blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga traditions, meditation, and pranayama. Her teachings incorporate a balanced sense of grace, delicate flow, and attention to detail. She inspires her students to touch their own yogic soul, bringing asana practice to life from within. Deborah invites her students to cultivate and deepen their spiritual and physical well being; offering a blend of the precision and alignment of the Iyengar practice, and the graceful flow of the Ashtanga practice, pranayama breathing, restorative yoga, and meditation.


Child $1,850.00

Additional cost: camping gear, pre and post-lodging, and transportation.

Prices are subject to change. Please visit our website for the most current information.


Days 1-6:
Green River, Utah, United States

Follow the path of the likes of Butch Cassidy, the mysterious "D. Julien", Flatnose Curry and Major John Wesley Powell who called this canyon wilderness "a region of wildest desolation". Today, Desolation and Gray Canyons remain one of the wildest desert wilderness places on the map, a place of Indian petroglyphs, abandoned homesteads, shadow-filled grottoes and the Green River. The Green River builds strength through more than 60 rapids, two newly formed in 1987. The progression of rapids, from unnamed riffles to the more challenging Three Fords, Steer Ridge, Coal Creek and Rattlesnake, make this a perfect place to learn the art and skills of river running. Most of our whitewater rafting, kayaking and canoeing seminars are held here. Whether learning to boat yourself or just looking for an adventure in the Old West, a trip through the Green River Wilderness can be the answer for just about anyone, family fun for every age.


  • Professional Guides
  • Boating Equipment
  • Meals (Lunch thru Lunch)
  • Air Transportation, Shuttle or Pick Up Arranged @ Cost
  • Camping Gear Rentals Available

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