Sonora, Mex. Canyonlands Guest Ranch Hiking Adventure: All-Inclusive with Roundtrip Shuttle from Tucson, AZ


Sonora, Mex. Canyonlands Guest Ranch Hiking Adventure: All-Inclusive with Roundtrip Shuttle from Tucson, AZ



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7 Days/6 Nights




USD 1,470.00 per person


USD 1,200.00 per person
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May 05, 2016
Sonora, Mex. Canyonlands Guest Ranch Hiking Adventure: All-Inclusive with Roundtrip Shuttle from Tucson, AZ
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Tierra Chamahua Eco Adventures at Rancho Los Baños is a 30,000 acre eco adventure guest ranch and nature preserve located at the foot of the Sierra Madre, a mere 55 miles south of southeastern Arizona, near the town of Douglas, in safe and secure northeast Sonora state, Mexico.

We like to think of ourselves as tour operators, guides and avid hikers who just happen to have 30,000 acres of pristine wilderness from which to conduct our adventures and have a guest ranch. Inside this 30,000 acre wilderness area is a wonderful Canyonlands, with similarities made to Zion, Bryce, Arches and Moab. We are no ordinary guest ranch, but rather a land ideal for world-class box canyon, high desert and backcountry hiking, canyoning, trekking and walking.

While we are located in northeast Sonora, Mexico, we are so close to Arizona that we would like you to consider our ranch for a possible stay. We feel we are better, and much more spectacular, than any guest/working ranch in Arizona. Our offices are based in Tucson. Through our shuttle service, we personally escort and drive you from Tucson to the ranch and back, leaving the driving to us and the sightseeing to you.

We are surrounded by high desert land that is as scenic and unspoiled as anything in North America, offering a secluded and remote vacation, with a vastness that will leave you in awe, surrounded by mountains, canyons, cliffs, geologic formations, mesas, hills and sierras. This is the place you come to for peace and total relaxation; the kind that is often sought but hard to find, with a quietness that is completely relaxing and serene. Where else can you hike, walk or trek knowing you are the only person for miles, surrounded by pristine wilderness?

We offer world-class horseback riding and box canyon/backcountry hiking, plus lake/river kayaking, warm springs, fishing, jeep ecotours, wildlife spotting, birding, backpacking, camping, multisport adventures, stargazing, and incredible rest and relaxation. This is a great ranch for adventure, specifically, this is a hiking, trekking and walking adventure ranch, a must do for any outdoors enthusiast and active individual. The scenery and landscapes combined with the diversity and otherworldly feel make hiking, trekking and walking at the ranch a must-do experience.

With an elevation range between 7,450 feet and 3,200 feet above sea level, it has drawn comparisons, in scenery and beauty, to a National Park by past guests (without crowds, noise or pollution), with our Canyon Country reminding the eye of Zion, Moab and Bryce Canyon, with our landscapes reminiscent of Big Bend, Sedona and a mini Copper Canyon, with an exotic, otherworldly landscape that is unique and exclusive, found nowhere else.

Combined with Mexican flair, service and hospitality, along with gourmet, home-cooked Mexican meals, our guest ranch is sure to make for an unforgettable vacation.

Rancho Los Baños is a new generation guest ranch, fusing ecotourism, adventure, love of nature and the outdoors, spectacular scenery and a working cattle ranch in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Combining the best virtues of nature travel, ecotourism, adventure travel and guest ranch activities and adventures, together with new generation ideas and environmental thinking, Rancho Los Baños offers a unique and exciting travel destination, distinguishing us from the typical Dude Ranch or guest ranch model.

We are an eco adventure guest ranch, with an emphasis on adventure, the outdoors and relaxation, offering nature at its best, adventures that are as thrilling and challenging as you want, amid landscapes that are scenic and breathtaking. Whether your stay brings you here for a few nights or two weeks, for backcountry horseback riding or for boxed canyon hiking, for serene lake kayaking or for wildlife spotting, for rest and relaxation or for all-inclusive adventures, we know you will leave this magical land re-energized in mind, body and spirit, fully satisfied that your trip was a great experience to be repeated once again.


Rates are based on double occupancy at El Cumaral Lodge. Package available for single occupancy, at $1,320/guest/stay.

Rate is all inclusive; all meals, snacks, beverages, adventures.

Weekend Round-trip transportation from Tucson to the ranch is included in the Rate. $30 for weekday pick-up.

Taxes are 7.5%


Sierra Madre Occidental, Sonora, Mexico

* Astronomy * Backcountry Tours * Birdwatching * Boating * Canoeing/Kayaking * Cattle Work * Guided Fishing * Hiking * Horseback Riding * Jeep Tours * Lake Fishing * Mountain Biking * Nature Hikes * Overnight Campouts * Photography * River Fishing * Rock Climbing * Star Gazing * Trail Riding * Wilderness Pack Trips * Wildlife Viewing

Sonoran Desert, Sonora, Mexico

* Creek on Property * Lake on Property * Pond * River on Property * Stream on Property

Ranch Location:
Tucson, Arizona, United States

Round-trip transportation from Tucson to the ranch is included in the Rate.


  • Three meals/day; snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic); All with your personal chef.
  • Guided day hiking/walking trips (2-6 hours) throughout the 30,000 acre property.
  • Petroglyph and pictograph tours, small treks, canyoneering and bouldering through hiking areas.
  • Birding (bird expert guide excluded) and wildlife spotting within the Ranch boundaries (all elevations and habitats including river and lake).
  • Stargazing, nighttime wildlife safari, outdoor campfires.
  • Jeep 4x4 tours (personal driver) with over 120 kilometers of dirt roads offering great scenery and adrenaline pumping adventures.
  • Horseback riding (220 lb. limit); 4-6 hour rides per day.
  • Mountain biking; Bring your own bike or use one of ours.
  • Kayaking on Lake Angostura. River kayaking at additional cost.
  • Accommodation at one of our comfortable, modern and homey lodges.
  • Linens, towels, natural/organic toiletries.
  • Nightly comfortable fire in living room set up by your host; if desired.
  • Snack/beverage concessions available in moderation, not including beer/wine.
  • Kayak or shore fishing on lake or river.


Nearest airport is Tucson International Airport.

Passports are required for reentry back to the U.S.

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