Lower Klamath River Rafting: An Ideal Overnight White Water Rafting Trip for Families & First Timers with Abundant Wildlife & Fishing


Lower Klamath River Rafting: An Ideal Overnight White Water Rafting Trip for Families & First Timers with Abundant Wildlife & Fishing



5 months ago


2-4 Days/1-3 Nights


May - September


USD 324.00 per adult


Sep 17, 2017
Lower Klamath River Rafting: An Ideal Overnight White Water Rafting Trip for Families & First Timers with Abundant Wildlife & Fishing
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The Klamath is located in the northwestern corner of California, in an area referred to as the “Klamath Knot” (also a book title) for its semblance to the palm-side of a closed fist as viewed from space. It has 185 miles of runnable whitewater and is California’s third longest river. Flowing west out of the Cascade Range, it traverses through a series of small mountain ranges named the Siskiyou’s, Salmon, Marble Mountains, Scott Bar Mountains and the Trinity Alps, collectively known as the Klamath Mountains. For most of its length, the river passes through the Klamath National Forest.

With many fun rapids such as Kanaka Falls or Rattlesnake, Devil’s Toe Nail, the Trench, Dragon’s Tooth, Osprey, and Sasquatch Squeeze, plus large sandy beaches for camping and play, this is an ideal multi-day trip for families and first timers. With the addition of inflatable kayaks to this trip, there can be more than enough excitement for the hardy and more experienced river runner.

One highlight of the trip is the rainforest setting of Ukonom Creek up to the twin 20’ waterfall cascading into a large swimming hole. Besides Ukonom Falls, the Klamath is known for its warm water, swimming, steelhead and salmon fishing, and of course, abundant wildlife which can be seen from its shores.


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2 DAY TRIP: $324 Weekday / $344 Weekend

3 DAY TRIP: $424 Weekday / $444 Weekend

4 DAY TRIP: $544 Weekday / $564 Weekend

5-20% Youth and Group discounts available, see our website for more detail.

A 5% River use fee is applied to all Klamath river trip reservations.


What To Expect: Yurok And Karuk Tribes
Klamath River, California, United States
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The Klamath is the legendary home to Sasquatch and it’s not hard to imagine the “Big Foot” creature hidden in the majestic forests along the river. Among the more visible creatures are heron, osprey, eagles, black bear, deer, beaver, raccoons and the fur-bearing otters, fishers, and minks. The lower stretch is home to the Yurok tribe (whose name means “downstream”) while the Karuk (“upstream”) inhabit much of the river typically traveled by rafters and kayaker’s.

The Karuk Traditional ceremonies are conducted at various locations on the sacred banks (“Inaam”) of the Klamath. Out of respect to the Karuk tribe, camping and stopping is at times prohibited in these areas. Further downstream, Sugarloaf Mountain is also a sacred area. According to tribal culture, souls of the dead climb to the top then leap to the heavenly hereafter.


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Family Special Rates on 2-4 day trips 6/20, 6/27, 7/11, and 7/18 where kids raft for 20% off with every full paying adult.

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