France Burgundy Wine Tour - Wine, Culture, Cuisine


France Burgundy Wine Tour - Wine, Culture, Cuisine



10 months ago


7 Days


October 7 - October 13, 2017


USD 3,499.00 per person


Oct 07, 2017
France Burgundy Wine Tour - Wine, Culture, Cuisine
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Burgundy: Its wine, Cuisine and Culture

Winemaking in Burgundy dates back to the Romans in the 1st century AD but it was the monasteries that really established the vineyards that today produce some of the most famous-and most expensive- wines in the world. Come see the wonder and history of this region in our France Burgundy Wine Tour.

We will visit Burgundy from top to bottom, from Dijon to Macon. You can count on VIP visits to some of the famous vineyards, including a nostalgic walk from Clos de Vougeot to Vosne-Romanée and the famous Romanée-Conti that can cost $10,000 a bottle!

This region in central France rivals Bordeaux in its claim to fame as the top producer of red and white wines. Unlike Bordeaux which can use a variety of grapes in the blend, Burgundy wines can use only one grape. For red Burgundy, it’s the Pinot Noir, and for white Burgundy, it’s the Chardonnay. As Jacques Lardiere of Louis Jadot used to say, the Pinot Noir is like a peacock: it has all the colors and tastes needed in one grape and doesn’t need other grapes to make a superb wine. The Burgundy wine region starts just below Dijon and ends just north of the Beaujolais region. There is also a small area northwest, Chablis, which also makes a famous white Burgundy.

The area is rich in history with many famous monasteries. It also has a reputation as being a food paradise with charolais beef, Bresse chicken, escargots and cheeses, especially the particularly odoriferous Epoisses.

And when we leave from Beaune on October 13 on our way to Paris, you will cherish your memories of this superb wine region. Or you may want to extend your stay in France and join Vin’s Seine River Cruise.


$3499 per person

*Early Booking Savings: Book 6 months or more in advance and save $150.00. Offer expires April 7, 2017.


Dijon, Burgundy, France

Macon, Burgundy, France

Beaune, Burgundy, France

Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France


  • 1 night Lyon
  • 5 nights Beaune
  • Airport transfers
  • Our deluxe motor coach
  • VIP winery visits and tastings
  • 12 meals including 6 gourmet lunches or dinners


Since 1980, Vin Marottoli’s Wine Lovers Tours has been offering exclusive and unique tours to wine regions across the globe, in such countries as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, the United States, and more.

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