Wine Tour to Puglia and Calabria Italy - 7-Night Coastal Wine Vacation


Wine Tour to Puglia and Calabria Italy - 7-Night Coastal Wine Vacation



11 months ago


7 Nights


April 29 - May 6, 2018


USD 3,499.00 per person


Apr 27, 2018
Wine Tour to Puglia and Calabria Italy - 7-Night Coastal Wine Vacation
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Experience the Superb Wineries of Southern Italy on this 7-night Coastal Wine Vacation to Puglia & Calabria

We’ll explore the cuisine and superb wineries in Puglia and Calabria – the heel and toe of Italy respectively – less travelled by the average tourist, but well worth the time.

Puglia gets little wine tourism, probably because it is the heel of Italy and its remoteness scares away tourists. It’s a pity because there is so much culture and wonderful wines and a cuisine that reflects its long coastline.

From Lecce with its rococo splendor to Bari with its casbah labyrinth of allies, it is an area waiting for exploration. And wine is produced throughout Puglia, although the areas near Bari and Lecce are the two principal wine regions. One of the architectural highlights are the lighthouses or towers that were constructed all along the coast hundreds of years ago to warn of impending attackers.

Puglia is best known for three red grapes: Nero di Troia in the north around Bari; Primitivo from the center; and Negroamaro, in the south on the Salento peninsula. The Primitivo has a special interest for us North Americans. It is believed to be what we call Zinfandel. The grape has its origins in Croatia and, at some point in history, went across the Adriatic to Puglia where it did very well; and, from there, Southern Italian immigrants brought it to California in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

On our way to Calabria, we’ll pass through the nearby province of Basilicata with a stop at Matera, made famous by Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ.” The cave dwelling ‘sassi’ is a breathtaking site and recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Calabria is another area of Italy which doesn’t get a lot of tourism. I would venture that it’s the least-visited area of Italy... which means you’ll see a lot of authentic towns untouched by tourists.

Like any other region in Italy, Calabria produces wine. But the best wine area is centered near Crotone and that’s where we will focus our wine visits.

When the tour ends on May 6, you will return home with a better appreciation of Southern Italy. Or you may want to join our Tuscany with a Twist wine tour which follows.


Puglia, Apulia, Italy

Bari, Apulia, Italy

Crotone, Calabria, Italy

Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Italy


  • 3 nights Bari
  • 3 nights Crotone
  • 1 night Lamezia Terme
  • Airport transfers
  • VIP winery visits and tastings
  • 14 meals including 7 gourmet lunches or dinners
  • Sightseeing & activities such as city tour of Bari and a visit to see the “sassi” of Matera


Wine Lovers Tours was featured in Fox News Travel’s “5 Best Theme Cruises for All Types” and recently received the prestigious Magellan Award from Travel Weekly Magazine (Tour Operator – Overall Category).

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