The Cradles of Wine Tour to Armenia & Georgia


The Cradles of Wine Tour to Armenia & Georgia



5 months ago


8 Days/7 Nights


May 5 - May 12, 2019


USD 2,099.00 per person


May 03, 2019
The Cradles of Wine Tour to Armenia & Georgia
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NOTE: This tour is currently sold out. In fact, it sold out so quickly after announcing it, that we are considering launching a second, duplicate tour and itinerary at a different time. Click the above link to visit our website and request to be added to our wait list for this tour/duplicate tour at a later time, or to request a custom package at a different time.

Armenia and the Republic of Georgia are often referred to as the Cradles of Wine Making, and with good reason, archeologists have found some of the world’s oldest wine artifacts (some 6000-8000 years old) in the Caucasus mountains. Georgia, in particular was called the ‘Cradle of Wine Civilization’ by none other than Hugh Johnson and the EU acknowledge the slogan “Cradle of Wine” for Georgia’s exclusive use. Both Armenia and Georgia have a similar modern history as well, as both were under Soviet rule, and, more recently, have been experiencing a new renaissance in wine making.

If you’ve been to Croatia or Puglia or Sicily, then you’ll feel at home here. They’re beautiful countries with lush landscapes and warm, welcoming people.

Your tour will start in Yerevan, Armenia, also called ‘Pink City’ because of the many buildings with a pink hue. Under Soviet occupation, Armenia was limited primarily to brandy production so in addition to visiting some of the surrounding newer and traditional wineries, we’ll also visit a brandy producer. We’ll also have a chance to visit the beautiful Lake Sevan, often referred to as ‘Little Switzerland.’

After 3 days exploring this area of Armenia, we’ll cross over to Tblisi, Georgia. We’ll start of with a tour of the “old town” including a visit to Chardin Street with its wine bars. We’ll then head to the Kakheti region for winery visits and an overnight stay in Signagi and then a stay Telavi for more winery visits including a traditional wine monastery. Our tour returns to and concludes in Tblisi, where upon your return home we hope you’ll have fond memories of what could be arguably one of the best wine travel experiences of a lifetime.


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Single Person Fee: $225


Yerevan, Armenia
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Tbilisi, Georgia
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Signagi, Georgia
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Telavi, Kakheti, Georgia
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  • Private small group tour of 4-10 people
  • 3 nights in Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2 nights in Tbilisi
  • 1 night in Signagi
  • 1 night in Telavi
  • Breakfast daily? and lunch or dinner as indicated
  • Private Wine Tastings & Day Excursions
  • Sightseeing & activities (city tours, entrance to museums, etc)
  • Our expert guide (same guide throughout the tour)

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