Hawaii Relaxation and Exploration


Hawaii Relaxation and Exploration



6 months ago


10 Days / 9 Nights


April 5 - 14, 2019


CAD 3,805.00 per person


May 01, 2019
Hawaii Relaxation and Exploration
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Enjoy Hawaii like you have never seen it before! A mixture of off the beaten track places and things to do, and relaxation time and beautiful beaches. This vacation focuses on bringing us back relaxed and renewed, after we visit some of the best places to do that!


Price based on double occupancy. Single supplement applies ($960.00 CDN). Please ask us about sharing with a same sex traveller to avoid the single supplement.

5% GST not included.

International flights not included.


Day 1: Arrive Kona On The Big Island Of Hawaii
Kona, Hawaii, United States

Your international flight may arrive anytime in the afternoon or evening dependent on the airline you are flying. Please let us know your arrival details so that your tour leader can pick you up at the airport at the appropriate time.

The big island is a diverse area. With 11 different climate zones that create everything from lush rain forests to arid deserts and black sand beaches to snow-capped mountaintops, the Big Island is Hawaii’s playground.

This large island is not the most popular place for tourists, so we will enjoy some off-the-beaten track sites and areas while we are here. We spend our days relaxing on out-of-the-way beaches, viewing volcanoes, snorkeling with dolphins and manta rays, whale watching and more. We spend our nights at the beautiful Oceanside resort of Royal Kona.

This week you can enjoy two included spa services: either a Lani Kino - "Heavenly Body" [90min] Body and Soul one-hour massage with mini facial massage and chakra bar. Soak in the rainbow of Hawaii during your treatment... OR Ho'ola - "To Heal" [1 hr and 45 mins] Back in balance one-hour massage and initial chiropractic with energy balancing.

As well, we include the Luana Wawae - [30min] A relaxing half-hour treatment of foot bath with salts and essential oils and reflexology massage for your feet. You can reserve these when you arrive, or ahead of time with your travel consultant.

Day 2: Historic Kailua Village (Kailua-Kona) And Area
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States

This morning we are going to enjoy a sumptuous buffet breakfast in the hotel before we head off walking to the historic Village of Kailua, just 15 minutes away from the resort. This will help you get oriented to the area and the many shops and restaurants in the village, which you can explore on your own in the evenings if you like.

We travel back in time to the Hawaiian monarchy in this fabulous village. Our first stop this morning is for a guided visited to a building that was once a summer vacation home for Hawaiian royalty, and today is Hulihe‘e Palace. A museum showcasing Victorian artifacts from the era of King Kalakaua and Queen Kapi‘olani, this is a great place for us to start with the history of the area.

The palace was originally built by High Chief, John Adams Kuakini, Governor of the island of Hawai‘i during the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, out of lava rock. The Palace features beautiful koa wood furniture, ornaments, portraits, tapa, feather work, Hawaiian quilts and artifacts from Hawaii’s royal past. Hulihe‘e Palace consists of six large graciously-appointed rooms, two large inviting oceanfront lanai, and lovely grounds. Hulihe‘e Palace was added to the National Register of Historic Places listings on the island of Hawai‘i in 1973.

We continue our stroll in the area, to view the oldest church and some other historical sites. (Description of other sites coming soon.) We can enjoy the shops and lunch in the village, spend some time on the beach, or return to the resort. Your afternoon is free, and your tour leader will tell you what time the group will be meeting for the first dinner together.

Day 3: Whale Watching
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States

This morning you can sleep in, enjoy the buffet breakfast, and the hotel's amenities, or take a walk down to the village. We will depart at 1 pm for our afternoon of Whale Watching. This is a two-hour cruise to hopefully view the large population of humpback whales, (Kohola in Hawaiian), who have traveled over 3,000 miles, all the way from Alaska, to enjoy the warm and safe waters of surrounding the Hawaiian islands.

This fun and relaxing Whale Watch allows you to spend some “time out at sea” and observe these gentle giants in their element. Visitors often see a huge tail crest in the water and might even catch a whale “breaching”, or breaking the surface of the water and falling back in with a humongous splash!

We climb aboard the boat and set out in search of whales. Sometimes the whales are shy, so just be patient, and eventually we’ll spot a spout or a flipper to help lead the way. Throughout the journey our helpful guide will tell you all about the humpback whale, their long, yearly migration down to Hawaii each year, and the important place Kohola have in the history of Hawaii.

This tour is a great opportunity to get some sun and breathe in the ocean air. You’ll also want to make sure you bring your binoculars and cameras so that, when the humpbacks make their appearance, you can capture those amazing moments forever.

Every year the Kohola come to visit Hawaii, drawn by the warm and relatively shallow water. This is where mothers give birth and start nursing their new calves (who weigh about one ton at birth). Humpback whales are mostly a dark shade of gray with varying amounts of white on their pectoral fins. Their distinct white markings allow us humans to tell them apart.

One of the things we love most about the humpbacks is that they are a playful bunch. They often slap their fins, tails, and heads on the surface of the water or jump out of the water, known as “breaching”. Mother whales are also very affectionate with their calves, often touching them with their flippers. Amazingly, male humpback whales sing complex songs that can last up to 20 minutes and can be heard up to 20 miles (30 km) away.

We return to the hotel to enjoy free time for the rest of the day. Enjoy your spa services, the pool, beach, shopping and dinner at the hotel or in town.

Day 4: Volcanoes National Park
Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, United States

Today we are going to have a full day out to see rare black-sand beaches, stunning tropical waterfalls, and the fascinating sight of volcanoes at night. We will experience the Big Island’s most spectacular natural splendors on this private tour to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We will be picked up by our transport and private local guide at approximately 9:30 am and will not be returning to the hotel until after dinner.

We enjoy a fully-narrated adventure that starts with a traversing of the island via the scenic Saddle Road. You get to marvel at the world’s tallest sea mountain, Mauna Kea, and world’s most massive mountain, Mauna Loa. After a picnic-style lunch at Rainbow Falls near quaint downtown Hilo, the tour continues to a rare black sand beach where endangered sea turtles rest. In the afternoon, we visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with a trip around the Chain of Craters Road, for the mountain to sea experience. Various stops are made to view magnificent volcanic eruption and flow sites of the past, the beautiful park coastline, and the remarkable Holei Sea Arch.

In addition, our ranger-trained local tour guide provides educational and insightful narrative about the volcanoes as we discover rare flora and fauna through the short and leisurely hikes in the rainforest and the Thurston Lava Tube. Our guide leads us to the Kilauea Iki lookout, steam vents, and historic Jaggar Museum. After, we enjoy a sit-down dinner and watch for current volcanic activity at spectacular Halemaumau Crater as the sun sets.

We return to the hotel later in the evening, and you can retire to your rooms or perhaps enjoy a drink in the hotel lounge.

Day 5: Makalawena Beach And Evening Luau
Makalawena Beach, Hawaii, United States

We enjoy our leisurely breakfast in the hotel this morning. At approximately 10:00 am we will be departing in our private transport to head to a slightly more off-the-beaten-track beach in the area. Makalawena Beach is not the most easily accessible beach on the Big Island, but it is easily one of the most beautiful and well worth the little bit of effort it takes to get there. Just a quick warning, this "off the beaten path" beach is so perfect that you may never want to leave.

This beach is not easily accessible by vehicle, so we will be leaving the transport and walking for approximately 20 minutes to reach our beach. We will enjoy the day here, with a picnic lunch included. At approximately 4 pm we head back to our transport and the short ride to the hotel to prepare for our luau tonight.

Our evening begins with a warm Aloha shell lei welcome and photo opportunities. If you like, participate in arts and crafts demonstrations, watch the unearthing of the pua'a (pig) from the Imu (Hawaiian underground oven), and definitely indulge in the all-you-care-to-eat Hawaiian-style buffet and full bar. The evening culminates with the breathtaking presentation of the stories, songs and dances of Hawaii and the South Pacific ending with the most dangerous dance in all of Polynesia, the Samoan fire dance (Siva Afi).

We enjoy prime Oceanfront seating overlooking Kailua Bay, opportunities to learn to hula, and much more. What an incredible way to end the day!

Day 6: Evening Manta Ray Swim
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States

You have the whole day free today to enjoy the hotel's facilities, the beach, pool and village. Start with the included buffet breakfast and go from there! Ask your tour leader to join you on an adventure, or, if you don’t want to spend the day relaxing, ask about other activities you can include in the area. Helicopter tours, kayaking, snorkeling, and much more are available.

Tonight (approximately 7:30 pm) we are going to have an incredible experience when we meet one of the most mysterious of the oceans creatures, the Manta Ray. These giants lurk just beneath the warm, clear waters off the coast of Kona. Manta rays can boast a wingspan up to 20 feet wide (6.1 meters) and are one of the largest fish in the ocean. Don’t worry, these gentle giants are completely harmless. Unlike stingrays, manta rays do not possess stingers or barbs on there tails and have no teeth. Instead, they suck in plankton with their wide, vacuum-like ocean cleaner mouths.

The manta rays of Kona, Hawaii are beautiful, mysterious and unafraid of humans. Tonight we will be enjoying an amazing snorkeling tour that lets you get up close to these big and majestic creatures. This is definitely bucket list material; Kona is one of only three places in the whole world where you can swim with manta rays.

This Moonlight Manta Ray Swim is two hours long and will take place either at Garden Eel Cove or near the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa. The manta rays gather at these two locations at night to feed. Kona is home to up to 200 mantas, distinguished by their beautiful black and white marks. The manta rays come all year round, but their numbers on any given day will depend on the amount of plankton in the water. An experienced tour guide will take you out into the water where you can snorkel and watch the large and graceful mantas glide and spin just beneath you. You might be amazed at how close they get!

As the moon hangs in the sky, the boat will take you out over the dark water. If you’re brave enough, slip into the water and the custom-built board will shine spotlights across creatures swimming below. These lights attract the plankton, and the gentle, harmless manta rays soon follow. Watch as these beautiful and ethereal creatures glide beneath you, performing somersaults and spins.

The Moonlight Manta Ray Swim is open to anyone with a spirit of adventure. Adults and children (ages 6+) are welcomed, and no experience is necessary. The helpful guide will provide all of the necessary equipment and keep you safe and happy on your adventure. A manta ray swim can be the crown jewel of your Kona, Hawaii vacation, a great bucket list conquest, and a safe and fun outing. We will return to the resort before 10 pm.

Day 7: Kona Coffee, Farm Tours, & Outlet Stores
Hualalai, Hawaii, United States

Today we will enjoy an area close to the resort, just a 5- to 10-minute drive down the road. The slopes of Hualalai Mountain (against which Kona rests) have some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world. Kona Coffee is prized as a gourmet coffee on a par with Jamaica Blue Mountain and other top shelf beans. Known for its rich, robust taste with slight citrus and acidic notes, a cup of Kona Coffee makes a great way to start your day.

Coffee has been farmed on the slopes of Hualalai for over a century, and many of the farms remain as they were over 100 years ago - small 5- to 10-acre farms run by families as a part-time or full-time endeavor. Today, Kona Coffee is sold both through cooperatives and by individual farms with boutique labels. Many farms offer tours and outlet stores, a popular activity for visitors and coffee connoisseurs.

Our transport is going to pick us up at 10 am to head out to the area. For the coffee lovers, we can enjoy some tours of the farms and plantations here, enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants and browse the unique shops. Our transport will meet us to take us back to the resort at 3 pm.

The rest of the day is free to enjoy the amenities, or ask your tour leader about how else you can spend your time.

Day 8: Dolphins!
Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, United States

This morning we are going to have another incredible experience. Our transport picks us up and we head off the meet the friendly dolphins of Kona. This is a fun, 3.5 – 4 hour tour that starts with an up close and personal introduction to the lovable local Hawaiian spinner dolphins and includes snorkeling underwater at the reef of Captain Cook in the Kealakekua Bay. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will introduce you to some of the most amazing exotic sea life in the ocean, including numerous fish and the coral reef. It’s a perfect way to spend a day on your vacation and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our day starts early in the morning when you gear up and slip into the warm waters off the Kona coast. The local guide will take you out to meet our friendliest residents, the many families of spinner dolphins that call the waters of Kona home. Spinner dolphins are small, energetic, and peaceful animals known for their amazing flips and spins. Spinner dolphins have been known to leap high into the air and spin seven times before splashing back into the water.

When it’s time to say goodbye to the dolphins, our group will move to the secluded and pristine Kealakekua Bay for some snorkeling fun. Kealakekua Bay is a marine sanctuary and home to the Captain Cook Monument. It is also widely considered to be one of the top snorkeling destinations in the world. When you turn your face to the water, you’ll be amazed at all the beautiful and colorful life that lives just beneath the surface. Get your camera ready to snap shots of bright schools of fish as well as pink, white, and purple coral reefs. The marine life includes angelfish, lizard fish, butterfly fish, and many other species. Snorkeling can build up quite an appetite, which is why our guide will provide you with a light lunch, snacks, and drinks during the trip so you can keep your energy levels high as you enjoy your wonderful underwater adventure in Kona! No experience is necessary for this tour. All equipment and food will be provided as part of the tour, and our experienced local guide will give us all the instruction that we need to stay safe and have a great time.

We return to the hotel and have the rest of the day free. Ask your tour leader to join you on an adventure (or ask her what surprise she might have planned), enjoy your spa services, or simply relax at the beach or pool. Dinner is on your own.

Day 9: South Island Experience
Kalae, Hawaii, United States

This is possibly the most unique experience on the Big Island. Today we will enjoy a tour to the south point of the island (Kalae). This technically is the southernmost point in the USA. We will stand on awesome, wind-swept sea cliffs, where Polynesians first landed 1,000 years ago, view the ancient Hawaiian ruins Kalalea Heiau, and visit Papakolea (Green Sands Beach).

We will experience Aloha with a unique South Point Boil. (SOUTH POINT BOIL: Includes Fresh Catch of the Day includes Red Potato, Molokai Sweet Potato, Maui Onions, Carrots, Celery, Sweet Corn {when in season}, Portuguese Sausage Cooked in Secret Herbs & Spices.)

We can try Kite Fishing off the sea cliffs or snorkel in the pristine water here. This is an awesome last day as we explore and have lots of fun and one you will remember forever. Tonight we will enjoy our last dinner together as a group at a pre-arranged time.

Day 10: Home Bound
Kona, Hawaii, United States

Dependent on your flight time today, you may have the day to enjoy the hotel, beach, or town. Please let us know what time your flight departs so we can ensure your transfer to the airport is booked for the proper departure time. As well, if you are departing later in the day, we can include your hotel room for the day.

As we finish this incredible vacation, we say goodbye to new friends and beautiful places. Thank you for travelling with us!


  • Professional tour leader
  • Local specialty guides for tours and activities
  • 9 nights standard hotel
  • All breakfasts
  • Four lunches
  • Four dinners
  • Traditional luau
  • Whale watching
  • Manta Ray swim
  • Volcanoes tour
  • Dolphin watch and snorkelling
  • All tours and activities described in itinerary
  • Entrances as required
  • Private transfers and transport
  • Two special spa services


Small group tour, limited to 12 travellers.

35% deposit upon reservation, final payment due 60 days before departure date. OR Payment plans available for this tour: $250.00 deposit and equal monthly payments.

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