Middle Fork of the Salmon River Hiking & Rafting Adventure (Raft Supported)


Middle Fork of the Salmon River Hiking & Rafting Adventure (Raft Supported)



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Dec 31, 2017
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Hiking & Rafting Adventure (Raft Supported)
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While many people have floated the Middle Fork, few take advantage of the beautiful trail that runs along most of its course. These trips offer you a chance to hike some 48 miles over six days in the middle of the biggest wilderness area in the contiguous United States. Our supply raft carries all the camping gear and your personal belongings, so all you carry is a small daypack. You hike at your own pace, marvel at the Idaho river scenery, take photographs and meet us at camp each night where your tent and gear will be waiting for you. An expert guide accompanies you on the hike, sets up your tent and prepares your meals. All you need to do is hike the moderate intensity trails, relax, and take in the sights.

Trip Highlights:

Natural hot springs, Native American pictographs, pioneer homesteads, incredible scenery, wildlife viewing & blue-ribbon trout fishing.


Day 1-6:
Salmon River Scenic Byway, Idaho, United States

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River trip offers you a chance to hike some 48 miles over six days in the middle of the biggest wilderness area in the contiguous United States.

The Middle Fork Canyon is a place of superlative beauty. Your interpretive guide will point out prehistoric cave and rock paintings from the days of the Tukudeka, or Sheepeater Indians. You will hike through granitic pine-studded mountains rising to a sky of magnificent dimension and often enjoy transparent views to a golden pebbled river bottom. There are several hot springs along our route and we’ll stop to enjoy them, perhaps even making camp at one.

In this unspoiled land, we’re very likely to see big horn sheep, probably more than once as they use licks along the river. We’ll also see eagles, hawks, songbirds and waterfowl and if we’re lucky, we’ll have sightings of deer, elk, mountain goats, mink and river otter.

This trip offers luxury camping and fine dining. Around 4:00pm we arrive at camp. The cargo boat has gone ahead of the walkers and has the kitchen set up as well as the spacious 2-person tents that ROW provides. All you have to do is carry your personal gear to the tent of your choice and roll out your thick sleeping pad and sleeping bag. This leaves plenty of time to relax, climb a mountain, read a book, take a dip, watch for birds, throw out a fishing line or soak in the rays of the sun. You are free to share with others or find a time of solitude. Enjoy our gourmet hors d’ oeuvres and meals. dinner. The quality of our food reflects the quality of the wilderness environment in the Middle Fork canyon. We hand-select the freshest fruits and vegetables we can find and pack them carefully in huge ice-coolers. Likewise, these coolers carry fresh dairy products and meats. From these ingredients we prepare bountiful, healthy meals. Cornish game hens stuffed with wild rice and served with broccoli with Béarnaise sauce. Baked Salmon stuffed with shrimp in white sauce, served with green beans and Idaho mashed potatoes. Juicy rib-eye steak, or made-on-the-river lasagna are a couple of other possible entrees. Big salads of vegetables and fruit add color and variety to every meal. Desserts are made each evening in our Dutch ovens and range from double fudge brownies to pineapple upside-down cake. And, we always have plenty of ice to keep your drinks cold.

Salmon River, Idaho, United States

Begins In:
Stanley, Idaho, United States

Ends In:
Boise, Idaho, United States

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