Snake River Hiking - Hells Canyon (Raft Supported)


Snake River Hiking - Hells Canyon (Raft Supported)



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5 Days


May - September


USD 1,495.00 per person


Dec 31, 2017
Snake River Hiking - Hells Canyon (Raft Supported)
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In 1989, ROW Adventures pioneered the concept of raft-supported Idaho hiking and walking tours. Our walking trips and hiking vacations allow you to comfortably follow an isolated river's path on foot while a cargo raft carries your camp gear. You can enjoy the scenery and photograph wildlife, carrying only water and a small daypack. Each hiking trip is accompanied by one of our expert interpretive guides for area education and safety. Each day you hike between five and ten miles on wilderness trails that roughly parallel the river's course. Elevation on these trails is generally moderate. Hiking clubs, groups of friends and active boomers have all joined our Idaho hiking trips and experienced these superlative walking tours.

Trip Highlights: Hike remote Idaho wilderness, raft carries your gear to camp, abundant wildlife, camp is set up and food prepared, cultural and historic sites, incredible river canyon scenery.


Pricing is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please click on the link above to visit our website.


Day 1-5: Hell's Canyon
Snake River, Idaho, United States

Hiking the Snake River lets you experience the beauty of the deepest canyon in North America. During the months of April, May and June, due to the low elevation and mild weather, Hells Canyon is a heavenly place to be. Wildflowers and cactus are blooming, birds are nesting, elk are calving, the grass slopes are still green from spring rains, and very few people are in the canyon. On our September and October trips, fall colors show on the slopes of grass and bushes.

Human history in Hells Canyon dates back at least 10,000 years and the people that we call the Shoshone and Nez Perce lived here until the late 1800’s. We’ll visit a number of their rock art and ancient dwelling sites. Your guides have an intimate knowledge of these people and will share their history, mythology and archaeology. In 1877, Chief Joseph crossed the Snake while trying to lead his people to freedom. Listening to this story today, it will be easy for you to picture this amazing scene, with dozens of Indians and horses swimming the river.

You’ll also discover a grand variety of flora and fauna. Hells Canyon is the home to Rocky Mountain big horn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats, mule, deer, elk, black bear, otter and numerous smaller mammals. As well, Golden Eagles, hawks and falcons soar in the skies above, while ducks and other waterfowl swim in the river. Numerous songbirds live in the thick brush along the tributary creeks. The land is fairly arid and slopes are covered with Ponderosa Pines, mountain mahogany, bunchgrass and ninebark. Along the many side creeks you’ll see netleaf hackberry, aspen, willow, bitterbrush, bittercherry, serviceberry and Bartonberry.

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