Antarctica Unbound! By Ship, Kayak and Foot


Antarctica Unbound! By Ship, Kayak and Foot



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12 (Or 22) Days




USD 10,495.00 per person


Dec 31, 2016
Antarctica Unbound! By Ship, Kayak and Foot
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12-day trip overview: Spring is a magic time in Antarctica. All around us life is emerging. This 11-day voyage features the abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula, including the classic sites of historic and scientific interest. As an added bonus, enjoy the personal and extraordinary experience of kayaking in Antarctica free!

22-day trip overview: Be among the first of the season to set foot on some of this planet’s most spectacular wildlife sites. This 21-day voyage beginning in Puerto Madryn and ending in Ushuaia, features the clean unspoiled early season scenery, wildlife, and rich history of the Antarctic Peninsula, as well as the crown jewels of the Southern Ocean: South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.


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Day 1-12 (22): Antarctica Via Argentina
Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica


About the ship: This Polar Adventure Ship delivers clean, crisp Scandinavian styling and a reputation as an excellent ship in the Antarctic. Built to sail the icy waters of Greenland, Ocean Nova's ice-strengthened hull has enabled the ship to park in the notorious ice of the Weddell Sea!

Karen from Pennsylvania had this to say about her experience aboard Ocean Nova, "'I loved the Ocean Nova. It is a beauty of a little ship!' I picked the Antarctic Explorer itinerary because of the Ocean Nova. I wanted a small ship that had a shallow draft allowing for navigating closer to shore and one that could traverse narrow channels, capabilities perfect for polar cruising. It certainly did its job and that was exciting. The ship performed beautifully crossing Drakes Passage, particularly on our very rough return to Ushuaia." ~March 2011

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